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Hormonal Balance: Is Nugenix A Natural Testosterone Booster Supplement?

Dietary supplements don’t always have the best reputations, and it’s usually a case of a few rotten apples ruining it for the rest. The key to finding a good, healthy supplement is looking for ingredients that are already produced by your body or ingredients that come from plants and other natural resources. The more natural vitamins and minerals packed in, the better the punch. Nugenix is one of the brands that follow this formula.

What Is Nugenix?

Developed by a team of researchers in Boston, Nugenix designed to increase testosterone levels in men, is a dietary supplement. Their target market is males aged 35 years and older, but younger can take it too. The company has five products under its brand umbrella; the Free Testosterone Booster, the Prostate Health Support, PM-ZMA (a nighttime testosterone booster), the Nugenix Ultimate, and the Estro-regulator.

Each product targets a different level of testosterone, with the Ultimate being the strongest mix designed specifically for men looking for serious support in their active and sexual lifestyle. The Testosterone Booster is their most popular product. It contains eight key ingredients that have been tested in labs to produce maximum results.

How This Supplement Could Help You

As with anything good that we enjoy in our younger years, the aging process takes a toll on testosterone levels. The effects of this drop seeps into many areas – from feelings of fatigue and lethargy, to weakness, depression, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, an increase in body fat, lack of focus and a decreased sex drive. 95% of testosterone is produced in the pituitary and to produce this, the body needs a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

Nugenix uses several natural ingredients to provide the body with these vitamins, which in turn assists the pituitary glands in producing more testosterone. Essentially, the supplement gives the body a boost by providing it with the tools it needs to do the work.

Ingredients And Benefits

The products contain safe and natural ingredients such as vitamin B6, B12, Zinc, fenugreek seed extract, tribulusterrestris, and i-citrulline malate. A study showed that the extract from fenugreek seeds, known as Testofen, increased libido in men by 25%.

The ingredients in Nugenix are said to increase sex drive, sexual stamina, and sperm production, improve mood, maintain muscle mass, and reduce body fat percentage. An eight-week study done in California showed an increase in sex drive, but didn’t make any noticeable impact on weight and waistlines. However, for the product to really be effective, a healthy, active lifestyle is essential.

Appetite suppressant

Fenugreek works to suppress appetite by swelling in the stomach since it’s a natural fiber, this gives you the feeling of being full. Not only that but it can be used for gastrointestinal ailments, inflammation and to treat other wounds. Fenugreek is not something new, infact it’s an old Chinese medicine that was used back in the days for inducing labor and aiding in digestion. Fenugreek is your best guard against the soldier with free radicals due to its antioxidant capacity.


The reviews of results are generally mixed. While most people have reported feeling no adverse side-effects, a good portion felt no different after a month of using the product. Most people, however, have said that after taking it for about two weeks the first difference they noticed was an increase in energy and muscle development followed closely by an increased desire for sex and more sexual stamina.

The positive results mostly seem to come from older men – around 50 and older. Using combination products – such as the Testosterone Booster and the Estro-Refugulator together seems to yield the best results.


In terms of pricing, it’s a little more expensive than other supplements, but this is simply because it works so well. The supplements need to be taken daily – sometimes three times a day – on an empty stomach.

The Testosterone Booster costs $69.99 for the bottle and if you want to use the Estro-Regulator with it, then it will set you back an additional $39.99. For the no nonsense, hardcore Ultimate bottle, you’ll need to fork out $89.99. The Prostate Health Support and PM-ZMA clock in at $34.99 and $39.99 respectively.


  • Results show the productive is effective, especially when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • The supplements used are safe, natural, and known to boost testosterone levels.
  • Contains Zinc, which is especially vital in boosting testosterone levels as it helps your brain create more of the luteinizing hormone, the substance that aids in the formation of testosterone.
  • No adverse side-effects have been reported.
  • The potency of the blend is higher than most other supplements.


  • Some ingredients and the dosages thereof are propriety, which means that company has developed a special, patented concoction that they can’t reveal.
  • The price is more than most supplements on the market.
  • More controlled studies need to be done before it can really be determined if its effective.
  • Has to be taken every day.


Not so many dietary supplements have been able to achieve the results Nugenix has achieved and for its effectiveness, it remains one of the most useful of these supplements.

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